Saturday, August 27, 2011

Singin' in the Hurricane

Well, Irene's almost here. She might even be here by the time you see this. So far, there's not much to worry about. Nothing more than some steady rain (not even pouring) and winds you might see on a normal windy day. In the grocery store yesterday, the shelves were getting kind of barren. Especially the bottled water aisle. I decided not to brave Wal-Mart as I heard it was a zoo, so I went to one of the local stores instead. But I think more than anything, people are a little jumpy from the earthquake and hurricane being so close together.

It's tempting to think that God is punishing us, but there's no way we can definitively make that call. It's always important to be right with God, which I think was Jesus' point in Luke 13.1-5 more than him focusing on God's judgment on certain people. But more than focusing on that judgment, it's important to remember God's promises in the face of danger and hardship. He sent a pretty nice reminder of that yesterday:

Anyway, the news is saying we won't get hit with it too hard because it's moving straight up the coast, and we're a bit further inland. It's not supposed to get really far inland until it moves further north, around the NY area. If nothing else, it's been giving us some nice sunsets:

So to anyone worrying about us, don't worry too much. We'd be happier with some prayer. And we look forward to letting you know how we made it out. God's peace.


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