Saturday, August 20, 2011

In Like Flint

We're in! everything's unpacked! Not everything is in its place yet, but the boxes are out of the living room at least. Out of the living room and into the garage. It's actually looking pretty nice. Audrey's good at making it homey. I'll have some pictures up before long.

The only problem is that we came from a pretty cramped apartment into a 3-bedroom house with a living room big enough to be 3 separate rooms. Everyday it feels less and less like an auditorium, but its hard to arrange your furniture when you have no TV to arrange it around.

Lydia's started going to bed early, like 6:30 or 7, so we have an excuse to check out early. We can put up the hammer and nails, stop moving stuff and relax. It's nice, but it makes for a really slow settling in process. So we've started watching Mad Men on Netflix to pass the time. On a related note, the no TV experiment is going swimmingly.

The congregation where we've landed has been fantastic. They helped us get all our boxes off the truck, we've been invited to a few get togethers, and Audrey's made friends with a high school girl and her mom, who adore Lydia. In church, I looked down to grab my bulletin off the pew, and when I looked back up, this girl had snuck up to Audrey and was standing beside her, holding Lydia. She moves like a ninja. Still it's good to have the support.

Pray for us as we continue settling down (as much as a family can settle down in a year's time), and we look forward to giving you more updates in the future.


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